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Developing for Android

I’ve recently begun doing development for the Android OS, specifically making my own “kangs” with features I want to see on my tablets.

Once I started buying Android devices, I had to “root” them to gain control of the features I wanted to use, and also to remove the manufacturers “bloatware” which was getting in my way and ruining my experience of using them.

I rapidly progressed from that to flashing custom “ROMs”, to get access to more functionality than you get with plain old Android, and from there I spent a few months as a “flashaholic”, trying out different ROMs all the time to try to find one with the feature set I wanted.

All of this was ultimately an unsatisfactory experience so, slightly daunted by what I was about to take on, I decided that I was going to develop my own ROM for my trusty Motorola Xoom, and also my partner’s Nexus 7, so that I could get the damn things working exactly as I wanted.

You might call me a pedant, but it’s been an interesting journey, and one which satisfies my inner geek since I stopped working in the IT industry, so I’ve ultimately found it fulfilling, and I hope the nearly 7000 downloads of my work in the few months since I began, and also the features I’ve adapted or invented which have been used by other developers in the community mean that my work has value for others as well.


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